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Tema: The 4th International Conference on Information Technology for Cyber and IT Service Management (CITSM 2016)
Judul: "Decision Support System Model Analysis for Proposed Activities on Development Planning Forum In District Level (Case Study: Government Of Cimahi)"
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0420098501#0409017201

Tahun: 2016

Development planning is an effort to overcome various problems that are occured in the public community. Public community participation is needed as an input to create the development planning. Creating the development planning can be carry out through several approaches, one of them is a participatory approach. The participatory approach in the preparation of city/district development planning can be carry out by collecting people's aspiration through the development planning forum (in Indonesian called “Musrenbang”) at Kelurahan level, Sub-District level, and City/District level. The results of this Musrenbang is the major input in the preparation to create working plan of SKPD (in Indonesian called “Renja SKPD”) and Work Planning of Local Government (in Indonesian called “RKPD”). But not all the people's aspirations that are proposed used as proposed activities in the development planning. Only the proposed activities a priority that can be used as major input. Therefore, we used decision support systems to help local governments to determine where the proposed activities are used as the major input. This paper use Simple Additive Weighting (SAW). This SAW method is a decision support system method is easy to use to produce the proposed activity recommendations than can be used by local governments as the major input to create the city/district development planning that are sorted based on the highest percentage to lowest. This result could be a reference for local governments to select the proposed activities that are proposed by public community as the major input to create the city/district development planning.