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Tema: psikologi
Judul: Gambaran Penerapan Managing Anxiety pada Atlet Tunggal Taruna di Klub Bulu Tangkis "XYZ"
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Pembangunan Jaya
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0431087906#0403117706

Tahun: 2016

Indonesian single badminton athletes have reach the achievement at the international level, but this achievement began to fade as the athletes successors often defeat. One of the causes of these losses is the psychological condition of athletes, which is anxiety. One way to manage this anxiety is managing anxiety, which is by control emotions. Managing anxiety need to be introduced to the young athletes then can be deployed and trained from an early age in order to effectively provide support athletes to perform optimally. However, activities of managing anxiety in young athletes has never been documented so that there is no reference data to conduct adequate follow-up. Based on that idea, this study was conducted to provide a complete picture of the implementation of a managing anxiety in single youth late teens athletes who experience anxiety and always lose. This description covers things that cause anxiety and managing anxiety that used. This study uses a qualitative method with the case study type and data collection methods such as interviews and documentation. The analysis technique used is within-case and cross-case. Subjects are four athletes, two men and two women who have not won at the Circuit National or International Championship.The results of this study showed that all subjects have applied to managing anxiety, but failed to eliminate them. The new findings show that athletes give emphasis only on one factor of physical, technical and psychological that affects performance when competing.