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Tema: Mobil Listrik
Judul: "Simple Supercapacitor Charging Scheme in Electrical Car Simulator by Using Direct Current Machines"
Perguruan Tinggi: Politeknik Sukabumi
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0411079001

Tahun: 2015

Supercapacitors are  electrical  components  which
have a higher capacity of  storing  energy  compared to  a normal capacitor.  It also has  a  quick charging and discharging time  in comparison  to  other  sources  of  electrical  energy.  Due  to  this advantage,  supercapacitors  are  often  used  as  an  additional energy source  in  an  electric  car.  During regenerative braking,
the  supercapacitor  can  be  charged  and  hence  store  electrical energy  more  quickly.  In  this  paper,  a  simple  supercapacitor charging  scheme  was designed during  the regenerative braking in  an  electric  car.  The  designed  charging  scheme  of supercapacitor  is  then  implemented  and  tested  in  electric  car simulator. The simulator was firstly built based on a previously published  simulator  known  as  Protodrive.  The  main components  of  the  simulator  are  two  direct  current  motors (DCMs) with a linked axis of rotation. The scheme is then tested in the simulator by using three profiles of a designed  road, i.e. one  hill,  two  hills  and  trapezoidal  road’s  contour.  The  test result  shows  that  the  amount  of  supercapacitor  charging current  is  proportional  to  the  amount  of  road  profile’s  slope angle.