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Tema: Otomasi Industri
Judul: "Kalman Filter Algorithm Design For HCSR04 Ultasonic Sensor Data Acquisition System"
Perguruan Tinggi: Politeknik Sukabumi
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0411079001

Tahun: 2018

In the  control  system  application,  the  existence  of
noise measurement may impact on the performance degradation. The noise measurement of the sensor is produced due to several reasons,  such  as  the  low  specification,  external  signal disturbances, and the complexity of measured state. Therefore, it should be avoided to achieve the good control performance. One of the solutions is by designing a signal filter. In this paper, the design  of  Kalman  Filter  (KF)  algorithm  for  ultrasonic  range sensor  is  presented.  KF  algorithm  is  designed  to  overcome the existence  of  noise  measurement  on  the  sensor.  The  type  of ultrasonic  range  sensor  used  is  HC-SR04  which  is  capable  to detect  the  distance  from  2  cm  to  400  cm.  The  discrete  KF algorithm  is  implemented  using  ATMega  328p  microcontroller on  Arduino  Uno  board.  The  algorithm  is  then  tested  with different three covariance values of process noise. The test result shows that the KF algorithm is able to reduce the measurement noise of the ultrasonic sensor. The analysis of variance conducted shows that the smaller value of  covariance matrix of the process and  measured  noises,  the  better  filtering  process  performed. However, this results in a longer generated response time. Thus, an  optimization  is  required  to  obtain  the  best  filtering performance.