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Tema: Commerce Management (CM)
Judul: Green Brand Dimensions Affecting Consumer Intention Using Green Products
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Telkom
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0423048504#0419057802

Tahun: 2017

Management of interference is the solution designing for LTE network to reduce inter symbol interference (ISI) and intercell interference (ICI) using the frequency reuse schemes which has the objective to maximize the coverage area and provide more capacity in cells, especially in cell edge. Based on those propositions, this paper analyzes the process of optimizing subcarrier and power allocation for wireless networks with multi-level soft frequency reuse (ML-SFR). In this case, LTE network planning has to maximize the coverage area of the Cimahi city, especially for maximizing the user in cell edge to obtain a good performance. Based on the analysis throughput, carrier to interference noise, quality by the coverage, and signal power level comparison between SFR and ML-SFR that has been done, the ML-SFR method can produce better performance because it was able to increase quality by coverage 0,03, increase throughput to 2.422,08 kbps, increase C/(I+N) to 4,41 dB and increase signal power level as well to 12,51 dBm.