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Tema: ICT Based Management (IBM)
Judul: Consumer Perceptual Mapping Towards e-Banking Channel -(A Study of Bank BRI Customer in Indonesia)
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Telkom
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0428037601#0409107904

Tahun: 2017

Implementation of e-banking services system provides various advantages for the company are cost and time efficiencies, and be able to create differentiation and able to target market segments with low cost. To determine the underlying motives customers to select and prefer one channel and the other required a systematic exploration of the customer perception. This study aims to understand the customers' perception of various e-banking channels and how their motives in choosing the channel usage. By understanding customer perceptions about various banking channels, it is expected to be
more helpful in assisting banks in Indonesia to introduce e-banking. Findings suggest that Automatic Teller Machine was percieved to be low cost, low complexity and most usefulness. EFT is also almost similar to the ATM, get the low cost and low complexity but low on security. Internet banking was perceived to be secure and most usefulness and get high on privacy. SMS banking was perceived to be acessable and scored high on privacy. And phone banking was perceived to be the most expensive and inaccurate. Future studies are expected in addition to using other multivariate techniques would also be able to add other attributes are more influential.