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Tema: Scientific Journal of PPI-UKM
Judul: Filipinazion of Indonesian Politics: Politics of Family Formation in Southeast Sulawesi
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0412116702

Tahun: 2017

In the post-colonial countries, a like Indonesia, a democratic political system is considered the best choice to govern. However, although Indonesia has become the third largest democracy in the world, yet still have a family politics entrenched and practiced in modern political system. In the emerging Indonesian democracies, however, family, patronage, nepotism and dynasty are also key ingredients within these politics. Some reflect generations-long traditions of political power, whilst others are generated by the opportunities presented by the democratic and electoral process itself. This paper attempts to investigate the process of the emergence of a political dynasty and how political dynasty was maintained power in Southeast Sulawesi. By using qualitative research methods, it was found that local elections as instrument for maintained and retained his power in local election, especially in Southeast Sulawesi. The victory achieved by the political families in the political contest is caused by several factors. Each political family able to maintain the loyalty of supporters, even from time to time they were able to expand the number of constituents. For a political family, they are easy to take advantage of his position with a number of manipulation and pressure. Various forms of public policy and programs manipulated as his success, intervention in selecting the electoral officer and staffs, the politicization of the bureaucracy, money politics and thuggery. The family of politicians also trying to extended their power through the assimilation process (family wedding) between politicians in a region with politicians from other regions. Keywords: Filipinazation, election, family politics, patronage, thuggery, Southeast Sulawesi