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Tema: Accounting Information System Indonesian Government
Judul: Influence Organizational Culture on The Quality of Accounting Information System Indonesian Government
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Langlangbuana
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0426078106#0402064103

Tahun: 2015

Quality Information yielded by Information System Accountancy will affect at storey ability management level to bring action against and decision which related to company operational and also prepare effective financial statement.  Azhar Susanto (2013: 65) states that the accounting information is the output of the accounting process. In  general,  the  accountininformation  presented  in  the financia statements   (Kies et   al 2012 5).   With use accounting information, internal parties will obtain accounting information relating to past and future, such as prediction (forecasting) which includes annual plans, strategic and decision alternatives (Azhar Susanto, 2013:). The message contained in an accounting information as a guide for anyone when carrying out the activity (Azhar Susanto, 2009: 2). Accounting information is a strategic organizational resource (Mitchell  et  al.,  2000).  Accountancy Information System of vital importance in growth Process business On duty Original earnings Indonesian specially Bandung Area.

The Organizational      culture, through  its  assumptionsvalues, norms and symbols, determines the way in which the members of an organization perceive and interpret the reality within and around their organization, as well as the way they behave in that reality (Janisijevic,2012).

This Technique regarding System Accountancy Information data model affecting earnings to original earnings area (PAD) at Indonesian Goverment . Database System have function to earnings responsiblity which consist of Iease receivable not yet been billed, for Iease receivable billed, and  total  receivable. Accountancy information system have different model to process business and evaluation to governmental accounting information..