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Tema: Harsonodkk./ Jurnal Teknik Mesin Indonesia
Judul: Analisa pemakaian energi listrik dan cop pada ACsplit 900 watt menggunakan refrigeran hidrokarbon MC-22 dan R-22
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0007075501

Tahun: 2017

o know the efficiency of work one ACequipment needs to know electric energy  consumption  ,  the  effect  of  performance  and  those  obtained  from refrigeration and ( cop ) .Most air conditioning system synthetic / ac wearing a  refrigerant  .The  use  of  synthetic  a  refrigerant  were  forbidden  to  the government  of  the  republic  of  indonesia  no.  1  accordingto  the  decision menperindag 79/mpp /kep/12 /2002 because they include ozone as depleting substance ( ods ) , That is a substance that can result in damage to the ozone layer , in addition to the stillhave the potential as the substance which can cause the effects of global warming because it has global warming potential gwp  (  )  that  is  significant  .On  this  thesis  a  refrigerant  kept  on  a  constant review the use of environmentally friendly , namely a refrigerant musicool hydrocarbon  /  22  r-22  mc-22  as  a  substitute  for  .A  refrigerant  mc-22 compatible with air conditioner use r-22 components .From the research ac split  by  using  r-22  ,  electric  power  usage  726  watts  ,  the  effect  of refrigeration 149.07 kj /kg and cop 4.9 .Then maybe you an use mc-22 653 wat electricity power usage