Detail Inovasi Perguruan Tinggi

Tema: Jurnal Bisnis Wirausaha
Judul: Pengelolaan Sampah Perhotelan Kota Bandung
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Pasundan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0403106501

Tahun: 2017

Partnert 1 dan Partner 2 in IBM is a SMEs whose business in waste management in zero waste. The waste management is 3 R ( reduce, reuse and recycle), so that the waste generated by the community which includes the organic, an organic and B3 (toxic and hazardous materials) after being managed is expected to reach zero (exhausted). Recycle which is the management of garbage with recycling is done by partners 1 and partner 2 on organic samples such as paper, plastic bottles by selling to collector to further sold recycled factory, while to organic waste (food waste, vegetable) sold to duck and catfish farmers, for B3 waste such as battery used, iar frehner container is done by reduce or destroy. Partners 1 in the destruction or B3 waste burners do not have their own combustion engine, so use services to the 3 rd party that is CV Sinerga Indonesia. Partners 1 market share in getting the garbage from the hotel snf supermarket in Bandung city. Hotel demand for waste handling is increasing. After the activities of Ibm partners 1 can have their own combustion engone so it will be more efficient in transportation and management. Whereas, Partner 2 in the management of organic wasterequires a plastic counter machine, just sold to collector or to the factory the sale value will be higher and the carriage is also more efficient. So that with their own machines by Partners 1 and 2, the goal is to increase their income’ This method in Ibm waste management, in the form of facilitating the purchase of garbage incineration engine, and plastic counter machine. Training in the field of machine operation, machine maintenance and service so that if the machine damaged can be repaired by your selves. In addition, because partner 1 and 2 requires orderly in financial management, it is also conducted a simple financial drafting training. Furthermore, assistance in the maintenance of machinery and financial preparation of SMEs. The activities carried out, making a machine for incineration of waste simply and its own plactic counter with guided instructor. The manufacturing periode is about 3 month. Further training is given in operation analizyng, maintaining and repairing the machine when damaged. In addition on the financial administration order of partner 1 and 2 is provided with a simple way of arranging finances and ways of managing waste business in order to increase earnings for partner 1 and 2. In order ti run effectively then the Ibm Gaebage team needs to provide assistance Key words : Bandung city garbage management