Detail Inovasi Perguruan Tinggi

Tema: International Seminar on Natural products Chemistry (ISNPC) 2018
Judul: Antibacterial Phenolic Constituents from Morus macroura
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0403086401

Tahun: 2018

Morus macroura Miq. is the only Morus plant species found in West Sumatera of Indonesia. Our previous phytochemical studies have isolated two stilbene dimers from the woods and root trunks of the plant. In this paper we report six phenolic compounds, namely methyl 2,4-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethylbenzoate (1), norartocarpanone (2), moracins M (3) and B (4), mulberroside C (5) and mulberrofuran K (6), from the tree barks of this plant. Structures of these compounds were dertermined based on NMR and mass spectral data. Compounds 1, 2, and 4 were the first time to be isolated from this plant. On an antibacterial evaluation, compound 7 showed significant antibacterials against Gram-(+) bacteria Bacilus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus. Keywords: 2-Arylbenzofuran, flavanone, benzoic acid ester, Morus macroura, antibacterial compound