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Tema: Public Relations
Judul: Cyber Public Relations (E-PR) dalam Brand Image Wardah Kosmetik dengan Pedekatan Mixed Method
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
Jenis/sdm: dosen/#0401128101#1370201133

Tahun: 2018

In the midst of rapid development of information and communication technology, public relations practitioners are required to take advantage of internet media (cyber public relations) in order to promote products and simultaneously build the company's brand image. As a cosmetic product, Wardah has been doing cyber public relations activities as a marketing tool for its cosmetic products. In addition, Wardah cyber public relations activities are also aims to make Wardah brand image more embedded in the minds of consumers and can be known more widely. This study aims to determine how the influence of cyber public relations toward Wardah’s brand image in the minds of its customers. This research uses mixed method approach. The research begins with data collection and quantitative analysis, followed by data collection and qualitative analysis. The results of qualitative research are used to provide further explanation of the phenomena that have not been described based on the results of quantitative research. The results of this study indicate that cyber public relations activities conducted by Wardah cosmetics significantly influence Wardah’s brand image. Meanwhile, the results of qualitative research indicate that only the variables of online search engine and social media related to Wardah’s cyber public relations activities.