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Tema: Behavioral Changes, Early Childhood, Parents and Teachers Communication
Judul: Early Childhood Behavior Changing in Terms of Communication between Parents and Teachers
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
Jenis/sdm: dosen/#0427048401

Tahun: 2018

The study aims to explore the effectiveness of the approach of communication between parents and teachers to change the behavior of young children. Surely, it prioritizes on the social interaction between teachers and parents of the students. The method used in this study is field research that is qualitative, while the analysis of the data used descriptive analysis. The focus of study is on the early childhood behavioral changes after the effective interaction between teachers and parents. In conclusion, the hygiene and health environmental behavior in Masigit influenced by culture to do the activities like bathing and washing in the river, the lack of information the importance of maintaining the hygiene and health, and the important information of educating children before elementary school level. In post-treatment; parents and students got new information that can be applied in their daily life. The children behavioral changes of kindergarten Satap Masigit is positive, such as the appearance of the children is cleaner than before, their spirit when go to schools, more skillful and creative in learning at school. Furthermore, communication between teachers and parents also established harmonious, because the treatment given makes them closeness or the interaction intertwined more harmonious. Keywords: Behavioral Changes, Early Childhood, Parents and Teachers Communication.