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Tema: Violence
Judul: Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit to Minimize Woman and Child Violence: An Experintial Program in West Java
Perguruan Tinggi: Institut Manajemen Koperasi Indonesia
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0407106801#0407066203#0422066102#0428026201

Tahun: 2018

The numbers of Indonesian women and children facing the violence from their environments are still increasing tough the laws to protect them are being enforced. Human trafficking and sexual abuse become the prominent cases for last five years and the worst is involving the closest relatives as the main actors. Analyzing the various reasons causing women and children threatened, the dominant factors are the economics and the parents' absence of protection and nurturing. The research aims to find out how the government, the university, the industry and the community solve the problem to minimize the risks of ciolence against women and children in West Java. Using the descriptive qualitative method, the research reveals the efforts of the institutions through the quadruple helix. The results show West Java Government implementing the laws and policies by conducting some programs and one of isthe establishment of the Centre of Integrased Service of Woman and Child Empowerment (P2TP2A) whose roles are to prevent the violence through some campaigns, publications and socialization and the utmost activities are to provide treatments for the violence victims and prepare the to be able to reintegrate into their family and society. P2TP2A cooperates with some universities in empowering both the violence victims and the risky ones by conducting training to encourage them having enrepreneurial spirit and being independent economically. Some industries are also invited to hire the victims working or give opportunities for them to get internship. Another current program is the community based protection and nurturing focusing for the abandoned children. For the future, it is crucial to implement quadruple helix scheme preaparing whole institutions involved in empowering the victims or the risky of violence therefore they become the survivors to continues better lives and no more violence against women and children in West Java.