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Perguruan Tinggi: Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0411077402

Tahun: 2015

Marketing world as well as science, is dynamic and always changing. The era of globalization give great influence to the marketing and grow new challenges in the marketing profession today. At today's service industry companies are not only required to meet the needs of users, but also must think about the survival of their companies because of increasing competition in the world of services. Company race-omba create iovasi order to grow and survive customers use their services. One popular strategy is the strategy of competitive advantage (Competitive Advantage) is an activity that creates superior value over its competitors. A company wants the gap between perceived value and cost of the product is greater than the competition. Michael E. Porter defines three generic strategies that can be used by companies, namely cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Cost leadership is leading the market with the lowest cost among the competitors. Differentiation strategy requires companies to have the attribute "non-price" that distinguishes it from other companies, while focusing means directing them to a more narrow product line,
The purpose of this study was to find the extent to which the relationship between the service factor that People, Process and Physical Evidence for Competitive Advantage .. BPR study was conducted in Bogor City Market Bank located in the RE Martadinata no.45, Bogor. BPR Bank Market is one of the enterprises in the city of Bogor, which is engaged in banking. With a focus on serving the people who come into contact with traditional markets as well as to give special credit to the traders. By using multiple regression analysis in this study concluded that there is a positive and significant influence of factors People, Process and Physical Evidence for Competitive Advantage either individually or jointly.
The results obtained from the analysis conducted linear regression y = 1.346 + 0.255 (X1) + 0.159 (X2) + 0.506 (X3). Results of the coefficient of determination With these results, companies can increase competitive advantage by increasing the value of the factor of People, Process and Physical Evidence. The higher the value of these three factors, the company will have good competitive advantage simply adjust the internal and external conditions for choosing improve these factors individually or simultaneously.