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Tema: The 3rd International Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 3)
Judul: IT-Based Teacher - Student Interaction : A Way to Enchance Students' Learning
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0406027404

Tahun: 2010

Information technology grows rapidly. Its accessibility has reached different levels of ages and scopes of life, including students learning English in universities. Students are generally familiar with technology because it now comes in handy. They can easily connect to the internet by using their cell phones or portable laptops or netbooks through wifies or modems. Warschauer (1996 : 175) writes “Research to date suggest that on-line learning activities are generally quite motivating for language learner ...”. This should wisely be directed to self-learning—they can be made to visit sites where English materials can be accessed to enrich their aspects of English language. They can also be assigned to contact their teacher to report on their work, to ask questions, and submit their work. Therefore, teaching-learning process can be extended outside the classroom. This may give students more time and freedom to learn and choose topics they think essential for their further exploration. This may lead to students’ learning autonomy and eventually may lead to better learning outcome. Based on the above points, this paper will successively discuss: 1. the need to apply IT in teaching English, 2. observed problems encountered by both teachers and students, and 3. proposed solutions to enhance students’ learning outcome.