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Tema: International Seminar on Business and Management
Judul: Unearthing Strategies to Augment Human Resources Competitiveness in The Business World : Focusing on the Language Aspect.
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0406027404

Tahun: 2011

Living in the globalization era has made life competition becomes tighter. People coming from different regions or countries are now possible to compete if they have some good qualities in the business world. To be able to compete and survive in this globalization era, career seekers and professionals must be aware of several essential factors needing to possess. One of which is foreign language mastery. Mastering foreign language, specifically English is inevitable in this globalization and competitive atmosphere (Fuad: 12: 2003). English, considered as one of the must-master foreign languages, plays an indispensible role in many business settings. Its mastery is one of the determining factors for one to enter, compete and survive in the working world. Misunderstanding due to lack of English mastery in the working world might take place. This may cause, minor or even major confusion or misapprehension. To the extreme stage, it may cause business loss. Building on the aforementioned situations, this paper will successively discuss 1. Common problems encountered by Indonesian students learning English 2.Strategies to effective English learning, and 3. Proposed solution to the present practice of English teaching and learning. Keywords: English and strategies