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Tema: 11th Annual SEAAIR Conference
Judul: The Role of Ethnocentrism in Students Behavior to Consume (Study of Made in China Fashion Product in Bandung)
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0421116301

Tahun: 2011

Sharma (1987) pointed out that ethnocentrism is more concerned with blindly accepting to his own group and tends to reject things that are outside the group. Based on that definition, this research purpose is to study the consumer ethnocentric tendency of Higher Education Students in Bandung toward Chinese fashion product. This study shows that 53.2% Students in Bandung had high ethnocentrism attitude. The associations between ethnocentrism and the perception of quality fashion products made in China is negative; It means that invasion of Chinese products will not be strongly affected the existence of Indonesian fashion. However, there is one thing to be aware for fashion business in Indonesia, namely the price. This research shows that in spite of ethnocentrism, price is still a major consideration in terms of buying made in China fashion products, since there is a positive relationship between perceptions of price and the intention to buy made in China fashion products. Based on this research, a University as a social development institution could enhance this ethnocentric tendency through curriculum or programs. For example makes an anthropology or nationalism subject in their curriculum as a requirement.