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Tema: Manajemen Keuangan
Judul: PENGARUH INFLASI, NILAI TUKAR TERHADAP HARGA SAHAM (Studi Kasus Pada PT. Medco Energi Internasional Tbk dan PT. Ratu Prabu Energi Tbk)
Perguruan Tinggi: Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0430127101

Tahun: 2013

            Inflation is a process of rising prices in General and continuous with regard to market mechanisms that can be caused by a variety of factors, including the community tend to increase consumption or presence of lancaran distribution of goods. While). The exchange rate is the price of a currency of a country is measured or expressed in other currencies. And the stock price is the price of a stock at any given moment is determined by market supply and demand and, therefore, the corresponding shares in the capital market. At any given moment it means every time the stock price could fluctuate.


In this study, inflation is the CPI (consumer price index), the exchange rate and stock price is Closing price. The purpose of this research is to know the effect of inflation, the exchange rate of the company's share price of PT Medco Energi International Tbk and PT Ratu Prabu Energi Tbk. in this case the author trying to help investors to analyze the inflation, exchange rates and the price of shares in the company. With the multiple linear regression method of analsisis, t-test and F.


Based on research showing the relationship between inflation, the rate of Exchange against the share price (R) of 0,732 or 73,2%. This means the value indicates that the relationship between inflation and exchange rate buy have keeratan with the stock price can be said to be strong because the value of the coefficient korelasinya is in the range of 60% & lt; 72,3% & lt; 80%. In addition, from the table above can also be obtained from portrayal of the determination () Koefesien of 0,536 or of 53,6% this means that share prices can be affected by inflation and exchange rates. Therefore, 53,6% inflation and the exchange rate affects the price of the stock, while the rest 46,4% that stock prices are influenced by other variables. In addition, the figures show that the closeness between inflation and exchange rates and stock prices that amounted to 53,6%.



Keywords: inflation, exchange rates and stock prices / closing price