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Tema: Seminar Nasional Call For Papers
Judul: Analisis Variabel-variabel Sektor Riel dan Sektor Moneter yang Membentuk Keseimbangan Umum
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0417016701

Tahun: 2013

The purpose of this study is to analysis of Indonesian economic macro with IS-LM model approach. A research of Indonesian economic by IS-LM analysis is to determine general equilibrium both in good market and money market. The IS-LM analysis assumes that price level is constant, so formulation of economic policy is how for the effectiveness of fiscal policy to move IS curve, in other side how for the effectiveness of monetary policy to move LM curve for achieving t a high national income is formulated. Model consist of seven equation. Two Stage Least Square (TSLS) method is used for analysis the time series data with identification model test, all of equation is overidentified, so this model can operate with TSLS methods. The research result shows that the general equilibrium occur in a national income at 180166,8362 milyar rupias and an interest rate at 12,48 percent. The IS-LM model can help policy maker predict what will happen to agregate output and interest rate if they decide to increase the money supply or increase government spending. IS-LM analysis enable us to answer some important question about the usefulness and effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy on economic activity. The conclusion of this research states that an exspansive fiscal policy and raising intermediate high national income in order that a monetary policy can push the real sector.