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Tema: Jurnal Bisnis, Manajemen dan Ekonomi ISSN : 1693-8305 Vol.10, No.1, Februari 2011
Judul: Analisis Budaya Perusahaan PT. Bank "X"
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0401068503

Tahun: 2011

Corporate culture can be explained as a set of basic assumptions, values, and norms that are believed its truth and owned collectively in a company or organization. Corporate culfure personate giudance of behaviour in overcoming problems that happened in company, goodness in course of adaptation with external environment and also internal integration. PT Bank "X as one of the local development bank which changed its legal form regional company (PD) become limited company (PT) in the year 1999 has statement of company culture sounding "Mitra Usaha Menuju Sejahtera" Futhermore, statement of the company culture is formulated again into cultural pillars of company as fundamental reference how behaviour all overall employees of Bank "X" in conducting management of its business. As for intention of this research are knowing cultural values what expanding in PT. Bank " X in face of emulation in banking area and knowing how far that corporate culture have been applied by all its officer until can be known and measured the strength of company culture. In this research, the writer used survey method and the kind of the research is descriptive analysis. The data was collected by interview, spreading of guestionaries, documentation study, and bibliography study. The collected data was analysed and the result was translated by using table of frequency distribution This research has the amount of samples counted 70 from 235 amount of all officers at each division exist in PT. Bank "X". But from the amount of the samples only 50 samples which expressed are valid. Based on the result of this research, then can be obtained conclusim that basically company culture expanding in this company has strength which strong relative where all laboring officers have known and comprehended better ascription or assumptions, norms, and cultural values of PT. Bank "X" which elaborated into behavioral items of culture company of PT. Bank "X.